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We are a modern Practical Psychology Agency specialized in setting the right foundations for your personality and your business. Nothing can drive your business down faster than bad communication or lack of values. The same goes for your personality. If you want your business to succeed, you have to set strong foundations that will carry you into the bright future. The same goes for your personality.

We help individuals thrive in places where they are held back by insecurity, low self esteem and fear. We empower you with 1on1 coaching sessions or with our text and video content.

We are also hired by companies to coach their key employees to improve their work performance and help them enstablish more productive work environment.

Our business values


We approach your challenges like they were our own. We always look at your sales process from the customer’s perspective and find a way to get their attention and the trust they need


In the age of modern technology, the sales approach changes on monthly basis. With the help of our team, you can always stay up to date with the latest sales trends that work


With us, you get a partnership that you can always count on. We treat our customers like we teach you to treat yours. With respect, honesty, and integrity

Why Us?

We are brutally honest

Caressing your feelings isn’t our goal. Our only goal is to get to the bottom of your issues and help you find the right solutions that will enable you and your team to thrive. Sometimes that means telling you that your view of the situation is limiting you and you have to make drastic changes to get 30% more out of your team.

One thing is for sure. The truth will solve all of your problems.

Your team is our team

After you explain your current situation and we know what are the issues you want to solve, we put ourselves in your shoes and the shoes of your team. We analyze your current situation and approach it like it was our company. We will not quit until your issues are solved.

Say NO to paying for consulting hours without the effects you wanted. We GUARANTEE results and we will not quit until we get them.

Your success is our endgame

We are not here to teach you some techniques that might work. We are here to make you succeed! If that means restructuring your company’s values, training your sales representatives, replacing toxic team members, and becoming your personal life coach, then this is what we will do. 

The Next Step is all the help you need for reaching the next level!



Our Bulletproof process

  • UNMASK THE EGO 40% 40%

Trough talking, we figure out the limitations that are holding you back and are preventing you from a happy life.


After we understand the ego, then we can fight it with the truth. We get rid of bad habits and implement new ones that lead to success.


You are already much more functional by now. You know how to tackle your fears and to control your stress. Now it is time to set the right vision and set sails for the life of your dreams.


At this stage you are a person with a clear mind and clear vision. You know who you are and where you are going. The only thing left to do is to implement daily routines that will help you stay on track to a happy and successful life.

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Rok Coz Founder


Rok Čož

“After spending the first 30 years of my life chasing success with bad personal foundations, guided by my ego, and having procrastination as a way of life, I realized that this is no way to live. After extensive research and complete remodeling of my mindset, I found a bulletproof way to success and happiness, which I now wish to share with the world.

Everyone can make the same change and get rid of stress, anxiety, and fear. Fill your life with purpose and start the exciting journey you never knew was possible.

You want to be happy or successful? Why not both?”