Accountability coaching

What is Accountability coaching?

We have all had moments of weakness when we just needed to hear some encouragement from a person we trust. Making true change is hard and having a wingman on your side that you can consult daily on ongoing issues is crucial when making progress.

Quitting bad habits or implementing new ones that will enhance your performance and happiness can be hard in the beginning and skipping important daily tasks may seem like the right choice until you give your accountability coach a call. He or she will encourage you to make the right thing and follow through the plans you set for yourself.

Quitting smoking or drinking, starting a new healthy morning routine, or going to bed at the right time can all seem like hard things to implement in the beginning. At The Next Step, we make sure you follow through and don’t give in in momentary pleasures that are holding you back.

How does it work?

You set a daily call schedule with your coach when you can discuss your progress or the difficulties you faced trough out the day. You can also discuss difficult future events which are striking fear in your body at the moment.

Your accountability coach will give you the encouragement you need daily, and you will progress faster than you ever imagined.

Your Happiness and Success is our most important mission, and we will not quit until we reach that goal.

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