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If you are looking for a way to remove anxiety from your life or from your workplace, there is no better way than a conversation with us. Empower yourself and your company with the help of our coaches and counselors. If you attended self-help seminars, or even organized one in your company and the results weren’t as breathtaking as you expected, then The Next Step is exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes all you need is one conversation to take you to the next step of your life.

We are focused on your results and we will not quit until you achieve them.


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We are stationed in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Green Pearl of Europe. We do most of our work online, but you should visit Slovenia at one point in your life anyways. It is astonishingly beautiful!

Bled Slovenia

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The world will not change for you. If you want a difference in your life you have to change. It might seem hard and it might seem like it will take a while, but you can turn yourself or your company into a positive force that has no match! Finding your vision is more important now than ever. We need to become strong leaders to make an impact in this world.

You have a gift that only you can give to the world. Let us help you find what that gift is and lets free it together.

The world needs you!