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About the book

If you are more of a “Do it yourself” kind of person, then this book is for you. The book was written by our founder, as he shares his captivating personal story. It takes you on a journey of personal development, and it gives you the boost you need. It shows Rok’s progress trough his personal experience and all the complexes, challenges, and obstacles along the way.

You will find your own behavioral patterns in the book and a way to overcome your weaknesses. After reading it, you will come out stronger on the other side and much more determined to change your life.

The book isn’t a shortcut to success and happiness, but it opens your eyes to many areas of your life. It shows you that just surviving is not the right way. We all want to thrive in this world, but rare people do. Why is that?
Why aren’t we all happy and successful?

Why are people like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Dwayne Johnson living life to the fullest while the rest of us live in scarcity?
The book shows you the path of the champion, and it is up to you if you have the will and the discipline to follow it.

24$ doesn’t seem much for a path to happiness, does it?

What are the contents of the book?

It all starts with the question: Am I truly happy?

If we find that we are not completely happy and satisfied with our lives or our progress, and we have always wanted more out of life, then it is time to find out why this is so.

I started with the list of things I wasn’t satisfied with:

– Lack of motivation

– Lack of self-confidence

– Lack of meaning and purpose

– The work I do does not make me happy, or I get tired of it very quickly

– I’m not happy with the relationship I’m in at the moment, or any other relationship I ever was in before

– I feel like I’m alone against the world

– I am in a bad mood very often and I despair over pointless things

– I have regret about the time I wasted so far

When I diagnosed my problems, I found that I wanted more out of life, and I figured out the main reason I wasn’t progressing the way I wanted to.

The reason was my EGO

– The ego is our shield that takes care of our survival, while at the same time, it is limiting our happiness and further development

– Because of our ego, we are dishonest to ourselves and others, and consequently, we can’t discover our shortcomings and implement improvements in these areas

– The ego gives us indulgence and always shifts the blame to circumstances, or other people

– The ego is a very powerful force that pulls us back and prevents us from reaching our full potential

– Ego is a negative force that oppresses the good in us

After I have discovered the reason for the lack of my progress and happiness, then came the question: How do I fix this problem?

The solution was the TRUTH

When we decide to uphold the truth and take this incredibly difficult step, facing our past, and accept all responsibility for all past and future actions, we immediately transform into a better person

– With this realization, we become more proactive and start looking for solutions, instead of pointing fingers

– The truth unlocks our unlimited potential as we realize that all problems are solvable

– We can finally be completely objective and our self-confidence grows drastically

– We can get rid of fear, and finally control our emotions

Ok, now I have laid good foundations and for the first time, I am a functional person who is not under the control of stress. What is the next step? How can I move forward and further increase my motivation?

The next step was VISION

– Because of the truth, we can go deeper into ourselves and ask what do we want in life

– When we answer this question, we can create our vision and make a plan for our life

– Life no longer swings us left and right, we have a purpose and there is no more helplessness

– We take our destiny into our own hands and for the first time in our lives we get the real motivation that lasts and does not disappear after short periods of time


What can I expect?

The book will expose your weaknesses and open your eyes. It will give you a lot to think about and you will finally have a choice:

Do I want to survive or do I want to thrive?

It isn’t showing you the easy way, but the right way to success and happiness.

The world will not change for you. You will realize that you have to change to get the most out of life.

Now you can finaly get the tools to create a dream life you always wanted!


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